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    Yenokavan is a village in the Tavush Province of Armenia. It lies on either side of the Sarnajur (formerly Tala) river, a few kilometers north of the regional capital of Ijevan. West of Getahovit is the ruined Iritsi Aghbyur medieval settlement with church and cemetery.

    Until 1935 called Krdevan, Yenokavan was named after early Communist Yenok Mkrtumyan, who founded the first party cell in the region.

    There are anciently inhabited caves in the breathtaking river valley, with fantastic hiking, rivers, caves, and forests.

    On the South edge of Yenokavan, perched on a rock overlooking the scenic gorge, is a small church with medieval tombstones. About a km South, down inside the gorge, reachable only on foot, is an Astvatsatsin church of the 13th c. Some 17 km West is the Okonakhach church.
    At the end of the village overlooking the gorge is the 6-5th c. BC Astghi Blur with cyclopean walls and a huge tomb field.

    Eight km North-West of Yenokavan on this road, atop a hill, is Berdategh Early Armenian cyclopean fortress. Somewhere toward the Noyemberian end of the road is a village called Gomshavar with, 2 km Eats in a spot called Dondar, remains of a Bronze Age settlement.

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