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    Harich is a village in the Shirak Province of Armenia. It is situated just on the west slopes of Aragats Mountain, 30km from Mastara, East from Artik. Within the village is the Harichavank Monastery of the 7th century.

    Harichavank known as one of the most famous monastic centers in Armenia and it was especially renowned for its school and scriptorium. Archaeological excavations of 1966 indicate that Harich was in existence during the 2nd century BC, and was one of the more well known fortress towns in Armenia.

    The oldest part of this Armenian monastery is the Church of St. Gregory the Enlightener; it is a domed structure that is usually placed in the category of so-called “Mastara-style” churches (named after the seventh century church of St. Hovhannes in the village of Mastara, in the southern part of Shirak). The founding date of the monastery is unknown, but probably it was built no later than the 7th century, when St. Gregory was erected.

    The Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God (Սբ. Աստվածածին) that dominates the monastic complex was built by the orders of Zakare Zakarian, Amirspasalar (commander-in-chief) and Prince who ruled Eastern Armenia in the 13th century together with his brother Ivane Zakarian. Prince Zakare started the Cathedral after he bought Harich from a family representing the Pahlavuni dynasty.

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