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    Artashat is a city in Central Armenia. It is the capital of Ararat Province, deriving its name from ancient Artaxiata, «Joy of Artashes». The modern town, known till 1945 as Ghamarlu, was founded in 1828-29 by migrants from Persia.

    This small town is more like an overgrown village, with little to offer in terms of tourist sites and infrastructure. The only popular tourist site in the general area is Khor Virap Monastery. A very distant second are the ruins of Dvin, an ancient capital of Armenia.

    The region also has the famous monument of Artashes. There is a stadium in the area where there are innumerable championships. There are numerous cultural centers in the region. There is also a famous theater that is located in the region. The city houses many beautiful monuments. There is also a beautiful park in the area which is visited by both locals as well as travelers.

    Some of the cultural places in Artashat include a musical school where many concerts have been held, a theater where many drams both classics and contemporary have been enacted and many other places of cultural interest. There is also an after schoolwork center which conducts different activities like dances, theater, drawing, painting and tourism. A visit to these cultural sites would acquaint you with the rich history of the region. The town abounds in industries. There are a lot of products that are produced in the many factories in Artashat. There are canneries, porcelain factories, textile and furniture producing centers as well. Some of the products are very popular throughout the world.

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