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    Dzoragyukh village is situated away from the main road, on the bank of Dzoragyukh River. The road is passing through the villages and Vardadzor and Yeranos.

    The exact date of foundation of settlement is unknown. The first mention of the village occurs at armenian historian of X century, Asoghik. He noted that there have already been built a monastery and church St. Shoghakat. Triapsidal dome church was built by Princess Mariam from Bagratuni family, in the possession of the church by Princess Mariam were given the land of the two villages. Last monks left the monastery, probably in the late XVII century. Today, only ruins remain near the western outskirts of the village, on a lofty hill.

    To the west of the monastery is located a small chapel, which is believed to be the burial place of Miriam. Near the monastery in the old cemetery numerous khachkars are preserved, one of which dated 1216 year.

    On the eastern edge of the village a small domed church is remained in Masruts Anapat desert, built of roughly hewn stones. The exact time of the construction of this church is unknown, but, apparently, it refers to the IX century. In the small vestibule of the church some ancient khachkars and very interesting busts of stone are collected. These busts, as researchers believe, are the sculptural images of hermits living in the desert.

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