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    Ankavan settlement is located in administrative district of Hrazdan.

    Rich surrounding vegetation with lush greenery, flowers and lots of beautiful ravines and canyons, surrounded by dense primeval forests, lay to this place amazing beauty. The presence of multiple sources of sweetish taste and mineral water, gushing source of thermal mineral waters and local landscape and climatic factors create the necessary prerequisites for the construction and development of first-class climate-spa-drinking resorts. According to above it is decided that the valley of Marmarik river length of 25 km would be turn into a spacious wellness area in the near future.

    Climate of Ankavan village is moderately moist, summers are cool and fresh, and winters are moderately cold. The average annual precipitation reaches 600-700 mm, duration of sunshine hours 2400-2500. The average annual air temperature amplitude reaches 20-22 °C. Winters are mild, rich of snow (maximum thickness of snow cover reaches 150 cm) long, but no wind. Snow begins to fall in November, but a stable snow cover settles in December. Melting snow begins in March, from this time the average daily temperature rises to 0 °C.

    Torrential rains fall in late spring and early summer. Summer is characterized by relatively high humidity. The average temperature in August is 16-18 °C (maximum temperature is 22 °C).

    Geology and hydrogeology of the area
    Modern style large spa complex are to be located on the both sides of the mountains river started from Meghradzor village to Ankavan, where would be treated thousands people. It has been already begun a reconstruction of existing buildings as sanatorium buildings. In addition to medical facilities in the health area has cultural and community facilities, school, kinder garden, and cinema. An artificial lake with a large beach, cafes and sports facilities gives special beauty to wellness area.

    Miskhanai fault and a number of additional faults formed as a result of active tectonic movement in the top Tertiary period, attributed to faults outcomes springs. All of the major and minor faults coincide with the mouth of Marmarik river. The area is rich not only for sources of the mineral but also for sweetish water. Sweetish water of the region is notable for slight stiffness, low mineralization (up to 200 milligrams per liter) and low temperature (10 ° C). Unfortunately, the water reserves of sweetish water sources are small. Geographically and in part by its physical and chemical properties mineral springs of Ankavan area are divided into two groups: ankavan and marmarik.

    Mineral springs come to the surface in the vicinity of the village Ankavan. 9 self-erupted mineral springs registered with total water volume is 45,500 liters per day.

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