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The most suitable rivers for rafting in Armenia are:
1. Dzoraget – 6th degree of complexity
2. Kasakh - 3rd degree of complexity
3. Debed - 3rd degree of complexity
4. Tartar (Artsakh) - 3rd degree of complexity

Dzoraget river, rafting on catamarans: This kind of rafting should be carried out only by physically fit, prepared adventure groups with an experienced crew. The complexity mainly depends on water-level. Recommended tour season is spring, preferably May. This is an experience for a rough traveler and those ready and seeking a real natural thrill!

Rafting starts at a distance of 2 km from the town of Stepanavan, 160 km away from Yerevan. The route length is 30 km. Duration is 4-7 days, depending on the group’s training level and the water-level.

During rafting you can see several local sights: Lori Berd fortress, the medieval bridge over the river Urut, a small chapel in the cave of Agarak village, Hnevank monastery complex (VII c.).

The company offers the following services to the groups:

• Transfer from the airport “Zvartnots” to Stepanavan
• Accompanying car with a driver
• Professional guide
• Bivouac equipment  rent (tents, rugs, sleeping bags, gas-stove burner)
• Full-board meals, cook services
• Transfer from the village Kurtan to the airport “Zvartnots”

But even if the water-level is low or too high you will not waste time. We will organize special excursions to the neighbouring sights.

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