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The Republic of Armenia is very rich in archaeological, historical-architectural monuments. They reveal almost all the stages of social culture development, formed along with the old world civilizations as a result of comprehensive intercourses. The annual excavations of a part of these monuments reveal exclusively interesting data about the material culture, lifestyle, economics, social system, as well as the attitude towards ritual-religious ideas of the ancient societies inhabiting Armenia.

Participating in excavations of the represented monuments gives you a chance not only to associate directly with the material remains of this rich heritage of world history, but also experience the pleasure and excitement of a sudden find and realize personal ambitions by bringing into the world unexplored pages of history.

Our country’s best specialists will work with you, helping you learn modern methods of excavation, get acquainted with the research process of primary archaeological sources.

Besides, you will have an exclusive chance to take part in rehabilitation – analysis of the excavated materials.
Furthermore, by means of separately held lectures and excursions you will find out more about the environment, history and culture of the excavated monuments, perceiving the indissoluble interrelations between the old and modern world.

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