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Cultural-historical tours are circular trips around the country from seven to fourteen days. The saturated programs will allow to immerse in the history, culture and atmosphere of the country and the life of the Armenian people. The main emphasis of the programs is the culture and history of the country, the sights and nature.

Particular attention is paid to the participation in daily Armenian life. During the trip tourists can take part in the preparation of «khorovats»(barbeque) or «lavash» baking (a soft, thin flatbread of Armenian origin), try the home mulberry, peach, apricot vodka or wine.

Tourists will see the ruins of the ancient settlement of Agarak - a monument from the times of Urartu, ascend to the guard towers of the fortress of Amberd, look from the observation platform at the impregnable monastery of Tatev and take an enjoyable bath in the hot source-geyser of Jermajur hotsprings in Artsakh (Karabakh).

Tourists will also visit the workshop of an artisan specialized in «khachkar» carving (Armenian cross stones carved by hand from a single piece of stone with amazing decorations and ornaments), a carpet factory, where only hand-weaving technologies have been used since ancient times. Tourists will see majestic sights such as Akhtala Monastery wth its beautiful frescos, the magnificent Jermuk waterfall, the stunning Bronze Age «Armenian Stonehenge» – Karahunj (IV-II mil. BC.), a natural bridge called «Devil’s bridge» and several thermal springs. To reach the most remote and the most fascinating corners of the country select the cultural-historical tour «Golden Ring of Armenia».

Excursions are varied and leisurely; depending on the number of days the total length of routes can reach from 1500 to 2800 miles - a real journey. Cultural and historical tours are a great opportunity to touch the unity of the amazing diversity of Armenia.

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