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Vorotnavank Monastery

The Vorotnavank Monastery is an Armenian medieval architectural monument. It is one of the well-known religious and cultural centers of the 10th -15th centuries situated 4 km to the east of Sissian, on the left bank of the Vorotan canyon.

The oldest building is the Surb Stepanos Church built by Shahandukht , the Queen of Syunik in the year of 1000. In 1007, Sevada, the son of Shahandukht, built the three-arched, domed church of St. Karapet with four sacristies in the southeastern part of the Surb Stepanos church. To the west of these two churches, an arched vestibule and other constructions have preserved. Vorotnavank was surrounded by a high wall. It had workshops, stores, a seminary, a resort and an alms-house. Hovhannes Vorotnetsi (1315-1398), a great Armenian medieval philosopher and the founder of Tatev Vardapetaran (University) worked in Vorotnavank. The Vorotnavank monastery was destroyed several times by the attacks of Seljuk-Turks, Mongol-Tatars, and Lenk-Temur, and also by the earthquake in 1931. At present, the reconstruction of Vorotnavank is in its last stage.

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