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Gndevank Monastery

Gndevank Monastery which includes a four-apse domed church dates back to 936, with the ruins of a wonderful 10th century wall painting of the Virgin. The ancient monastery complex is a thousand years old, and is preserved very well. A «gavit», one of the most ancient of its kind, is situated at the church's western side.

The south of the complex is full of khachkars of the 10th-13th centuries. 17th century gravestones make the visitors admire their interesting reliefs. This is a perfect place to visit on the way to Jermuk, or heading to southern Armenia. There are two ways to reach Gndevank, both are roads leading to Jermuk. If you take the new highway to Jermuk, you will have to exit into the village of Gndevank, and hike down the canyon (approx 45 minutes down) to reach the monastery. Before you do this, you might take the time to visit the village church which is old and plain, for its frescos. There are some that appear older and are rather nice, while the newer ones are not impressive.

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