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Tour in Armenia Botanic-6

| 6 days | 900 km (563 miles)

We offer you the tour «Botany-6», developed with the participation of the President of the Botanical Society of Armenia, professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Eleonora Gabrielian, our scientific advisor. We offer you an excellent opportunity to combine leisure in nature with the possibility to collect different herbs. Our experts will surely help you observe some of more than 3500 flora species that inhabit Armenia and explain their use in popular medicine.

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Tour in Armenia Eco tour

Eco tour
| 7 days | 920 km (575 miles)

When urbanization threatens to suffocate you - it's time to go on an eco-tour to Armenia. Live the quiet and measured life in a tent, contemplate the world, enjoy the beauty and forgotten scents of the planet. The seven-day trip program includes walks through three castles - Amberd, Lori Berd and Smbataberd. The tour includes a descent into the canyon of the river Dzoraget, exploration of natural caves and ascent to a small mountain lake by car.

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If you wish to enjoy the advantages of the unique nature and climate of Armenia, relax and just have a wonderful time - choose eco tours. These tours will give you a chance to discover the amazing diversity and splendor of Armenia’s flora and fauna, species of which was cultivated centuries ago for the common garden but lives on in natural glory in Armenia.

Tour programs are always individual and are organized based on your wish and emotional-psychological state.

Eco tours also include the possibility to explore the extraordinary architectural and historical values of Armenia. On the last day you will return to the hotel - back to civilization.

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