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"Afrikyanner Pandok" Tavern

Address: 1, Pushkin Str., Yerevan

First tavern was opened in 1826г. under another name. Today Afrikyan Tavern accurately preserved the spirit and atmosphere of the 19-20 centuries, which affects the special mood of the restaurant.

Afrikyan tavern was one of the few Armenian institutions has been decided to follow the canons of ethnic cuisine. Menu includes main dishes of Armenian descent. You can taste the lamb, which is prepared by a special recipe, as well as other dishes prepared by an inherited recipes.

"Pushkinskaya" Afrikyan tavern framed solely in the Armenian fashion. From the first step, visitors enter the main hall with numerous arches, as if crushed into smaller premises. Red tuff and hung on the walls carpets discarded in the early twentieth century. Complement of composition are murals on the walls and medieval chandeliers.

Evening dinner is accompanied by live armenian music.

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